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People work hard their whole lives to save their money and assets and one day, when they have health problems due to disability or age, their families may discover that those assets are threatened due to the financial hardship of providing long term care.

Losavio and DeJean has expertise in the area of Elder Law, including the legal needs and concerns of seniors and persons with disabilities. Our firm can help our clients preserve their assets and save them from nursing home poverty.

It is always best to start planning early but is only too late when all the money has been spent. We help our clients obtain government assistance such as Veterans benefits and Medicaid, benefits that can significantly impact the quality of life and care in addition to preserving family assets.

Losavio & DeJean, LLC

The rules concerning government benefits are very complex; therefore, it is important to have assistance in dealing with these complex rules. Our law firm has expertise, knowledge, and experience in helping our clients obtain government benefits.

The goal of Medicaid planning is to provide quality care and quality of life as well as provide security for the spouse while preserving a legacy for the children.

1. Our firm’s comprehensive strategy includes a review of your current financial and health situation.

2. We will review all programs that will assist you in paying for long term care.

These strategies will help you preserve your assets. We will estimate how much money we can save you and will review the income tax implications of the strategy. Advice will be given on how to avoid probate. Our firm will evaluate your existing estate planning such as wills, living wills, health care power of attorney, financial power of attorney and trusts. We will assist you in applying for Medicaid and review the Medicaid applications.

Elder law is a specialized field of practice governed by specialized regulations and laws.

There are many different government programs including Social Security retirement, Social Security disability, Supplemental Security Income, Veteran’s benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid. Each program has it’s own rules, laws and regulations regarding eligibility and each program has it’s own forms, applications and appeal’s process. Not all attorneys practice in the area of elder law. It is important to retain an attorney that has experience and specializes in the field of elder law. Every individual’s case is different. An office conference with a qualified, experienced and accredited elder law attorney is important to determine, provide, and create an individual plan for each client based on their individual needs.

When you call our office, you will placed in contact with an attorney as quickly as possible to determine what your situation is and whether our law firm can assist you.

If it is determined that our law firm can assist you with your problem, an appointment with you and all decision makers of the involved family member will be set. You will be asked to complete a written questionnaire listing assets, debts and income of the involved person or persons. At our initial office conference appointment, an attorney will review your completed questionnaire with you. An attorney will discuss and make recommendations as well as give you an estimate on fees and costs.


Medicaid Planning

If you decide to retain our firm and our firm accepts your case, a written contract shall be executed. If an issue is uncontested and non-problematic, normally a flat fee will be charged in advance of any work. If a matter is contested or problematic, a retainer will be charged in advance of any work. The attorney will then bill you on an hourly basis from said retainer. Estimated court costs will be required to be paid in advance as well. Our law firm will review your Veterans benefit application at no additional charge.

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