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Child custody cases are some of the most emotionally charged cases handled in the field of law.

Every child custody case is different. The facts and relationships between the parties varies case to case. Generally speaking, the law favors joint custody and visitation privileges unless granting them is not in the best interest of the child. However, it is important to note that custody and visitation cannot be enforced without a written judgment issed by the Court. Verbal agreements between the parties are not enforceable. So, it is important to make sure that child custody pleadings are filed and a judgment is obtained to protect your rights. Generally speaking, the more the parties disagree, the more complex and expensive their case will become. If the parties are in agreement on child custody, the matter can be handled relatively easily and will be relatively inexpensive.

Child custody is specialized field of practice by governed unitque local rules and state aws.

It will be necessary to file pleadings to be filed with the appropriate Courts whether the case is contested or uncontested. Your custody matter may also require the appearance in court if your matter is contested. . Not all attorneys practice in the area of child custody. It is important to retain an attorney that has experience and specializes in the field of child custody law.

At our initial office conference, you will be asked general information regarding the child, parents, living arrangements, history and custody problems. An attorney will discuss and make recommendations regarding your custody matteras well as give you an estimate on fees and costs. A retainer will be charged in advance of any work. The attorney will then bill you on an hourly basis from said retainer. Estimated court costs will be required to be paid in advance as well.

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